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“The value of a man resides in what he gives and NOT in what he is capable of receiving.” Albert Einstein



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Welcome to The Giving Principle.

We are guessing that someone was kind or generous to you recently, and left you a Giving Principle Card Now you’re here to see what this giving stuff is all about… right?

The Giving Principle is a nationwide movement that passes on kindness and generosity by using the Giving Principle card that keeps the movement growing. It’s not a scam and all we want to do is provide you with a few principles to pass on giving. Giving to others is fun, exciting and life changing. And of course it helps those in need.

In our current economy it ends of being a tremendous blessing and encouragement to the receiver.

The Giving Principle provides the world with clear proven strategies for giving to others.  For the “giver” it is exciting and fun. A feeling that money can’t buy. As the old saying goes, it is truly “more fun to give than to receive”.

* Simple proven principles for GIVING 

* Giving tips and strategies  

* Free - no gimmicks


NOTE to the Press: With the press coverage we have received around the Nation please understand, The Giving does not grant radio or TV interviews. We wish to remain anonymous.  Please do not email us or our webmaster asking for interviews. Consider this, as a reporter you see many devastating events and this presents a unique opportunity for you to participate in this movement. 


We make no money from this website. All persons associated with this organization are volunteers. We desire no recognition for our work and wish to remain anonymous. Our only desire is to pass on the joy on giving to others.


By the way we don’t need or want your funds. Give elsewhere.




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