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"The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention."  ~Duguet~


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Great Giving Ideas

Below are some very good giving ideas from our staff and website visitors. Spelling and grammar has not been corrected. We have only added a title and minor changes to each one. 

Always provide a couple of Giving Principle cards whenever you give. Print them out yourself from this website. It keeps the principle going.

Airport Giving

  • Staff at Giving First let me thank you for this movement, concept and website. I personally have had so much joy placed back in my life by participating in this movement. Here is one of my favorite ways to give and encourage others. I fly often for business and have thought of those that have the worst jobs within international airports. One of the top has to be people that clean bathrooms. Can you imagine going to work day after day and cleaning up vomit, urine and fecal matter. I wanted to say thank you to these workers and encourage them by letting them know, many of us appreciate the tough job they do.
    I purchase Starbucks Gift Cards before trips which by the way come with a perfect gift pouch and place a Giving Principle card and gift card within. By the way I print cards from your website. In between flights I take exercise walks and search for people cleaning bathrooms. I say "excuse me" and then thank them for their hard work and tell them that many of us appreciate the difficult work they do. Then I hand them the gift card and leave. I must tell you the reaction is always the same. They are "stunned and speechless" as if no one has ever said thank you or appreciated them before. Again thank you for your concept and I hope other travelers try this idea. BTW I have found most airports do not sell gift cards so I plan ahead and purchase them ahead at my local Starbucks.

Drive-thru Giving

  • This one is so easy and cashiers have fun with it. When at the drive-thru, pay for the persons meal behind you and leave a couple of Giving Principle Cards with the cashier to hand the person. I also give one to the cashier. Thank you all for your website!

McDonald's Gift Card Giving

  • Here is what we do for homeless people in our area, or others in need. We stock up on McDonald's (fast food chain) 5.00 gift (Arch) cards. Our family keeps them in our wallets, purses or day packs. When we see someone in need, or someone asks for help, we give them a gift card. We have found little envelopes that hold a Giving Principle card and the gift card. We also write a little note on them and the cards value. This is so easy to do and we never feel awkward any longer when asked for spare change. We also know they will used for food instead of alcohol. People are so thankful and surprised.  I hope you post our tip. Thank you for this amazing site.

Jumper Cable Giving

  • Someone jumpstarted my car the other day. I offered to pay and they just handed me a Giving Principle card and ask me to visit your site and look for someone else to give to in the future. Thank you. Because of his kind help and card I am now giving!

Gas Station Giving

  • Pay attention at the gas station each time you fill up. Look for the person that might be counting change before filling up or someone in need. Pay attention to the type of car they drive. Make note of their pump number and pay for their gas. Give the gas station attendant a ďGiving PrincipleĒ card to hand to the person when they come to pay. Iíve seen grown men and woman weeping when they come out of the station clutching the card. This one is so much fun and sort of like playing a kind and Giving practical joke on someone. I feel so good each time I can pull it off.

Gift Card Giving

  • Buying gift cards for people that are in need is a very good way to help them out. Attach a GP card and a sticky note. Place in a envelope.

Starbucks Giving

  • One night my wife and I went on a much needed date.  After a show, we made a detour to a nearby Starbucks for something for our trip home.  After we ordered at the drive-thru, I noticed a Highway Patrolman had also ordered at the drive-thru after us.  When I pulled up to the window to pay, something (God) moved me to tell the "barrista" that I would like to pay for whatever the officer behind us had ordered.  She asked, "Really?"  I said, "Yeah" and she had a big smile on her on face, you could tell she was going to enjoy this.  It was a terrific opportunity to show someone how much they're appreciated, anonymously.  At any time you can buy the persons drink or meal for the vehicle behind you.  Be sure to leave 2 Giving Principle cards with the cashier. One for them and one for the person they give the drink to.

New to Giving

  • When I began giving to others in secrete as your website has suggested I found it hard to do. I thought it would be easy. My first tries were failures and I didnít even follow through on my original plans. I have found all of this takes practice and a bit of clever tricks. Iíve found that I got better at it over time and Iím glad I didnít give up. Iím now a professional and I am constantly looking and thinking of new ways to give.
    The best thing Iíve found is that instead of always thinking about my problems and what I want I am more focused on how I can be constantly on the looking to help someone else out. People ask me ďwhatís upĒ because Iím happier and excited now. I know this will sound weird but I feel closer to God now.
    I encourage everyone to give your Giving skills time to grow
    I hope more people become professionals. It is sooooo much fun!
    Your website has been very helpful.

Waitress Tip Giving

  • I travel allot and especially like to eat breakfast out early in small hole in the wall cafes. I have noticed that through the years this may not be the most desirable shift for a waitress to work and I know people donít tip well in these places. It seems to me most of these folks struggle hard to make a living for their families and I want help them.
    So I save my change and even dollar bills each week, just for giving. I usually have over 20.00 every week sometimes more. I leave a 20.00 bill above my normal tip with a Giving Principle card paper clipped to it. I do this just before I leave so I get no recognition for it.
    I have no idea what it has done for anyone and thatís OK. I enjoy paying attention to my surroundings more while looking for people to give to. Maybe someone else will join me now that I given you my tip.

Restaurant Giving

  • Football quarterback and former Arizona Cardinal Kurt Warner is well known to pick up the check of a fellow anonymous patron at a restaurant. Any restaurant in which the bill comes at the end of the meal will do. Always leave a few Giving Principle Cards for these people. Even for the checkout clerk.

Convenience Store Giving

  • Iíve often wondered if the money people ask for outside a convenience store is used for food as they say, or to buy alcohol.
    People ask for money at convenience stores and I stopped giving them money because I think they use it buy alcohol. They still look hungry though so I started buying them a prepackaged fast food items instead.
    A while back a clerk at the store gave me a great tip as I was checking out. She asked if I was going to give the packaged foods to the person outside. I told her yes.
    She said ďyou know he is just going to bring that back in after you leave and get the money back so he can buy alcohol.Ē I had never thought of this before. The clerk then gave me a great giving tip that I now use. She said to tear open the prepackaged foods before I hand it over and because it was a opened item she could not accept it back. The person would then have to eat it. What a great tip! This is what I do now.
    I thought I would pass this on to you all. Thank you for your website.

Workplace Giving

  • Iíve found at work when someone is in real need, that Iíve taken it upon myself to take up a collection for them. When I tell other coworkers what I am doing and specifically ask if they can donate some money they always do. But it seems to always take someone to lead this. Maybe you can next time GP readers.
    Thank you GP for giving to us.

Vacation Time Giving

  • When a devastating illness impacts a coworker they are in desperate need to pay the bills after their sick time runs out.  I have given away my vacation time for fellow workers in this situation. Our workplace allows us to do this. Consider doing this at your workplace.

A Giving Vacation

  • For our summer vacation we save some money up just for giving away. Our family plan is to watch for those in need and to just be surprisingly kind to people during these trips. People seem so stressed in travel mode and to secretly give to them is such a blessing. I cant tell you how much depth and family fun it has added to our vacations. It has effected our kids to be better kids.  Try including this during your next vacation and actually make plans ahead of time with the family for this activity. Always include Giving Principle cards during this activity.  Thank you Giving Principle for your ideas.

The Giving Principle: the gift that really keeps on GIVING.

  • We love this site and its ideas! With the Giving Principle card, when I give the card away with my volunteer time or money, I know it will truly be a gift that keeps on giving over and over again. Love every ones ideas on the giving ideas page!

Giving Competition Game

  • Here is what we do guys. I have a competition between 2 of my close friends. Since we are men and quite competitive we see who can give the most during a week. We are all at different standards of living so we donít count the total moneys given, only the clever acts. We text or call each other when we give and keep track of our own stats. At the end of the week we total up. We are always trying to out do each other with unique and clever ways to give. We have used some of your ideas on your website. Thanks for getting this started. We love it and it helps others as well as feeds our competitiveness. By the way Iím winning this week but only one up.

Homeless People

  • Have you ever stopped at a stoplight and thought, ďOh no. There is the homeless person in rag torn clothes holding up the sign asking for help.Ē He looks at you and you try not to make eye contact and pretend to have something to do for the moment. Iíve personally wondered if these guys really need the help havenít you? Well donít give it another thought. Just give and donít worry about it. One of the best ways to help these folks out is to plan ahead and get the family involved in making up a GIVING bag. Next time youíre at the store, shop just for this occasion. Some of the best items to buy these folks are non-perishable foods, personal hygiene items, a bottle of water and always throw in some candy or packaged desert of some sort. You can even buy a bunch of dollar store note cards and write them a personal message ahead of time. Donít forget to include a ďThe Giving PrincipleĒ card. Then when you pull up to the corner you are armed and ready to help them out.

Airplane Travel Giving

  • When I fly the airlines on a semi regular basis you know that you often buy a magazine or newspaper at the gift shop for the plane ride. When you reach your destination leave behind or pass to another passenger your magazine or newspaper for them to read. Place a Giving Principle card inside.

Convenience Store Giving

  • When standing in line at a convenience store consider the person behind you. They may have nothing more than a fountain drink or a morning pastry. Give the cashier money and ask to pay the bill for the next customer in line. If there is any money left over let the cashier keep it. Give the cashier a Giving Principle card to hand to the person you just gave to and one for them to keep.


Grocery Store Giving

  • If you have time to perfect this one find the people in the grocery store that you can tell need some extra cash. You can secretly drop a Giving Principle prepackaged envelope with a card and some money in it, into their cart. Or you can strategically get in front of them at the counter or even ask them if you can move up because you are in a hurry. Pay for their grocries or a part. Again leave them a card.

Small Business Giving

  • We have given to a small struggling business we know. Small businesses are often family or locally owned and operated. If you frequent a business that you enjoy consider sending a pizza or two a lunch time, signed a ďhappy customer.Ē Leave a GP card

Young Married Couple with Children Giving

  • Young married couples with kids are so busy these days. It takes a lot of time and money to make the bills each month. Why not buy a couple that you might know in this situation a gift card for a nice restaurant. Offer to watch the kids if that can work. Include a ďThe Giving PrincipleĒ card.

Door Holding Giving

  • The simple gestures of holding a door open for someone. Especially if the person is not directly behind you but is several paces back. Hold the door open for them and allow them to enter first.

Tool Road or Entrance Fee Giving

  • If you live in an area that has toll roads or has to pay for parking consider paying the toll fee or parking fee of the car behind you. This can also be used in any location in which a fee is required to enter, such as a state park, carnivals or events. Be sure to leave a couple GP cards with the attendant so they can pass it on to the next person.

Tip Giving

  • Leave a large tip for a waitress or waiter who has given good service. Better yet, ask you server to speak to the manager and then explain to the manager how well you were served and that you will definitely be returning. (Leave a GP card.)

Parking Lot Giving

  • Leave the empty parking spots at the mall that are close to the entrance for someone who may really need it. Park further back and enjoy the stroll to the shops. Motion to people who are looking for spots but cannot see them when there is one available. Place a Giving Principle card in an envelope with some money on a car that is in poor shape. Place the envelope under the windshield wiper.

Food Kitchen Giving

  • Give your time to the poor by helping at the local meal preparation kitchens. This could be meal prep or washing dishes to mopping floors. It is humbling and very satisfying. Give a Giving Principle card to the person in charge of the facility and ask them to give back in the future. Thank them for allowing you to help.

Car Trade In Giving

  • Instead of trading in your old car give it to a reputable local charity. If its local you may see it being used to help others. Give the charity owner a Giving Principle card. Ask them to give somewhere else in the future

Short Term Mission Trip Giving

  • Take a short term mission trip and use your trade skills or a skill you might have to help the extreme poor. This might be house construction or other needs. This will change your perspective on life.  Give your coordinator a GP card and ask them to give somewhere else in the future.

My Coin Change in a Store 

  • Many times I will leave my coin change at the store. Many stores have a charity box you can put change into. Easy and simple.


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